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Recruiter Awards: Giulio Highly Commended

5th October 2017 | Awards

Giulio Segantini, now a NonStop Director, was yesterday highly commended in Recruiter magazine’s Investing in Talent Awards, in the Most Inspiring Team Leader category. Recruiter awards investing in talent highly commended

Giulio, leader of our Italian team, joined our team in 2013 without any prior recruitment experience but with a determination to succeed.

But why is he among the most inspiring recruitment leaders? As one of his team members said in support of his award entry:

“I’ve hit a lot of walls and wanted to give up so many times, but there was Giulio telling me that I’m going to be a great recruiter. He showed me how to break down the walls and never stopped for one second to believe in me. He will not fight your battles but will be there at every step to help you win, to guide you. He’s passionate about his job, his people, his clients, NonStop and inspires everyone without even trying. After a conversation with him you want to be better, you want to do amazing things that had probably never even crossed your mind before.”

NonStop had also been named a finalist in the Most Effective Professional Development category.

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