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NonStop CEO Statement: COVID-19

9th aprilie 2020 | Company Statements

The Covid-19 pandemic is continuing to cause unprecedented global economic uncertainty.

As a staffing provider in Europe and the USA, the uncertainty manifests itself with hiring freezes and a slowdown of recruitment activity.

Despite the difficult trading conditions, as CEO I will do what I can to not make any employees redundant or furloughed, to deliver the same service to our clients, and pay all of our suppliers on time.

We are prepared for the worst but endeavour to do our best.

As such we have already taken the following steps:

  • I have halved my salary, and will not take any form of payments from the business, be it loans, benefits, bonuses, dividends or expenses of any kind until the situation stabilises.
  • Top management within the company have volunteered to reduce their salaries.
  • All management bonuses of any kind have been put on hold.
  • The commission percentages paid to our staff has been limited to the first tier only.
  • All employees are working from home. Stay home, stay safe.

We are a team, and these are sacrifices made by the top earning employees will enable us to support our newer recruits and support staff.
We will keep working and remain positive throughout the current crisis.

Whilst of course supporting our existing clients, we also want to make a difference and are proactively shifting our focus to our social care, residential care and medical specialities throughout Europe and the USA.

We have reduced our rates for those hiring frontline workers to fight the virus and we strive to get the right people in the right place, at the right time.
We are, of course, NonStop. We never give up; it is in our DNA.

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