Swiss Labour Lease Licence to Payroll for Top Tech

Our client is a global tech business shaping the way we live and interact online, with a focus on AI as well as other platforms to enhance this online experience. They have a large temporary workforce in Switzerland, for which they use external agencies to payroll and source.

While they do have a Swiss entity and employ permanent employees there, they choose to outsource their temporary workforce to give them greater flexibility and headcount cost savings.

Through our Swiss labour lease licence, we offer a 360 degree payrolling solution, which includes background checks, onboarding, and offboarding.
Once this client identifies someone they would like to hire, they send us the candidate details. We meticulously review those details, including right to work and their value in the market place, before advising the client of the cost to payroll as well as any potential issues with hiring that specific person.

Once they agree to move forward with the candidate, we then conduct a full background check, and walk the candidate through the client’s compliance and onboarding process as well as arranging equipment delivery, induction, lunch cards, payslips, accident insurance policies, and any other necessary checks and paperwork for their role.

It’s the speed and transparency at which we do this as well as an informative service with close attention to detail and contractor care that has resulted in us achieving preferred supplier status with this client. We now exclusively handle all their payrolling requests for direct hires.

While we started payrolling their directly sourced candidates, we have since started sourcing for them too. Roles we have filled include software engineers, iOS and Android developers, computer vision engineers, technical artists, prototypers, technical artists, and more.

In the five years since we started working with this client in 2018, we have payrolled over 100 staff for them in Switzerland and sourced 76. We continue to work with them as preferred supplier.

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