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Recruitment Trends in the Swiss Blockchain

9th Marzo 2018 | Blog

If there’s one place in the world that embodies the emergence of the blockchain industry, it is undeniably the Greater Zurich Area – the area between Zurich and Zug; the ‘Crypto Valley’.

At the time of writing this article, buzz words like blockchain, distributed ledger technology, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and other ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings) are making the headlines. But the Crypto Valley and many of its companies have been around long before this.

The concept of blockchain may have first appeared in 2008, but Switzerland pioneered its industrial application. Back in 2013 Johann Gevers moved his crypto-finance startup Monetas to Zug, establishing a vision of a global hub for blockchain technologies and attracting stakeholders from all over the world.

Crypto Valley continues to pave the way for the future of this industry, gathering hundreds of projects in a single place. It’s no surprise that events like the CryptoSummit (formerly ICOSummit) are now considered as the beating heart of the industry.

As a recruiter I’ve  noticed over the last couples of months some strong trends on how the area is attracting talent.

It’s no secret that Switzerland is a formidable place to run a business. The Swiss competitiveness is one of the best in the world. It can easily be explained it by its high concentration of industries, and its friendly business and regulatory environment.

It’s especially true for any blockchain project as any that would settle here will benefit hugely from great structures already in place and enjoy the incredibly secure economic framework.

Geographically strategically situated, the region is linked very well both between cities and also the global markets with Zurich airport being one of the best in the world.

The incredibly high quality of life also makes a strong selling point for anyone looking for a peaceful place to live. Switzerland is top-ranked in terms of infrastructure, safety, health care, education, life expectancy and work/life balance.

Blockchain-related talent
The industry is candidate-driven and any CEO would know how difficult it is to find a really good blockchain developer. The fact that so many companies are now settled in the area makes it the most competitive in term of concentration of talent. Furthermore, universities like the ETH Zurich, among others, are now partnering with blockchain startups and creating exclusive courses in order to teach the next generation of developers and engineers.

It’s no wonder that developers, programmers and engineers are the most needed profile in the area. But I’ve noticed a natural shift towards marketing and business development positions for any projects coming to maturity.

Tax and regulation
This won’t change any time soon as the FINMA’s recent publication on guidelines regarding Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) allows Switzerland to stay highly attractive while providing protection to potential investors and integrity to the financial system.

Earlier this year we saw the Chinese giant Bitmain making the move to Switzerland. Who be the next?

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