What is NonStop doing about GDPR?


As a business we are committed to continuous improvement, ensuring we hold ourselves to appropriate standards and provide a high level of service to candidates and clients.

We store candidate (job seeker) information in order to help people find new jobs and use that information to match them with suitable roles or employers. Should we find a good match, we will share that information with the potential employer and occasionally other third party suppliers such as payroll or umbrella companies.

As a client, you can expect that we store your professional, and sometimes personal data – your mobile number, for example, if you have given this to us – in order to ensure we find the right potential employees for you. Though the GDPR does not treat professional data to the same level as it does personal data, you can be assured we treat your information with the utmost care.


We always make sure everyone knows who their personal information is being shared with and why it is being shared BEFORE we share anything.


GDPR stipulates that anyone has the right to know how their personal data is stored and used. If you would like information on how your personal data is stored and used, please contact [email protected].

We have worked closely with APSCo, the Association of Professional Staffing Companies, to determine the impact of GDPR on the recruitment industry.

Although we are a Luxembourg-headquartered business, English is our main language and therefore we will follow GDPR guidance from, and be accountable to, the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).



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