300+ Contractors for the UK Government

The UK Government employs over five million people, many of whom are contractors or temporary employees, meaning they have a large and consistent demand for new talent.

They appointed a large MSP to manage the supply of talent, but the demand was so huge that the MSP had to appoint second-tier agencies to support them with the project.

We were selected due to the wide variety of roles we can cover, the breadth of the candidate networks we have, and the speed at which we can deliver those candidates.

Since we started working with this client in 2020, we’ve placed 354 contractors within an average of 24 hours in roles including:

  • Procurement / Contract Management / Quantity Surveying / Commercial Management
  • Project/Programme Management (IT, Infrastructure, Construction, Change, Operational, TOM, etc.)
  • Project/Programme Delivery
  • Software Development & Architecture
  • Cybersecurity
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Engineering (mechanical, electrical, civil, structural, etc.)
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Admin
  • Operations
  • Estates & Logistics


A lot of the roles we help fill are part of highly impactful programmes in sectors such as health, defence or nuclear. If a consultant is needed it means the role needs to be filled urgently by someone who knows the industry and can hit the ground running; someone who would already hold the necessary clearances, which otherwise would take months to get and thus defeat the purpose of getting someone to start quickly.

We’ve managed to overcome this challenge due to our network of over 50,000 professionals with a background in various public sector roles. We’ve built this network through a niche focus with each of our consultants covering a specific area of need for this client. They are constantly in contact with candidates in that market, which gives our team the ability to be aware of the candidates that would be suitable and available for each request as that request comes in.


Our impact includes:

  • Over 50 contractors for the Department of Health and Social Care’s Covid Test and Trace programme, helping launch the programme and adapt it to current day needs
  • Over 20 contractors to assist the Department for Work & Pensions re-shape the entire welfare system, which will impact the lives of millions of people across the UK.
  • Over 40 contractors for the Atomic Weapons Establishment, which carries out research and production work on behalf of the Ministry of Defence, supporting the defence and security of the nation. Our contractors support in areas such as engineering, construction management, project management, and health and safety.


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