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NonStop urges consideration of supply teachers for permanent positions among candidate shortage

23rd March 2017 | Blog, Press Releases

With schools already starting to plan for the new year, specialist education recruitment consultancy NonStop is urging consideration of supply teachers for permanent positions amid a shrinking talent pool of perm candidates.

NonStop Team Leader Oliver Jones says there is currently a much stronger demand for permanent teaching and school support staff to take up positions from September, the start of the school year.

Many schools are currently heavily reliant on supply teachers, who have been filling urgent gaps since the beginning of this year but who now see their positions at risk.

And while many of those supply teachers say they would continue in post permanently, their expressions of interest have gone largely unaccepted by schools, pointing to a skills gap or a perception they are too expensive.

But with a smaller pool of available permanent candidates, schools would do well to consider taking supply teachers on permanently or risk continuing reliance on supply staff, putting further strain on budgets, Jones says.

Or, they could consider international candidates. This is an approach that has found success in other sectors such as social care but is not very common in the education sector.

NonStop also saw an increased demand for permanent staff about July last year but by September, many schools that had potentially held out for the perfect candidate were left rushing to fill positions with supply teachers, and then remained reliant on those teachers.

There continues to be a shortage of STEM teachers nationwide though NonStop has also noticed a shortage of primary class teachers.

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