Filling Niche Role Results in Top Supplier Status

“It is a pleasure to work with NonStop as the Recruitment Partner. We appreciate how well NonStop supports us in all recruitment processes we have had so far. We can always count on great candidates in a short period. I would recommend NonStop as the quick service and trustworthy company.”

– Client Services Representative

Our client is a global biopharmaceutical company operating in the Czech Republic since 1992. They invest heavily into drug research and development to provide medicines and vaccines to health professionals, patients, and the public to protect against a number of serious, mostly life-threatening diseases.

In order to upskill the team, they were looking for a Training & Collaboration Specialist.

This person needed experience in creating and delivering training, strong presentation skills, the ability to clearly and concisely communicate IT topics to end users, knowledge of Microsoft suite and power platform. In addition, they needed to have a global perspective, and be fluent in English.

While the client had three other agencies working on the role, they weren’t able to attract or identify the right talent.

Due to a previous relationship between the client and our CEO, we were offered the opportunity to work this role. We initially met directly with the hiring manager to understand their needs, from which we crafted a detailed profile outlining the technical and soft skills required for success in the role.

Utilising our own database, job boards, LinkedIn, referrals, and active headhunting, we searched across the whole of the Czech Republic but had little success. Not only was the skillset niche due to the relatively new technology but the combination of technical skills with training ability and English proficiency further limited the potential talent pool.

Based on previous successes in relocating talent from Poland, we expanded our search there to tap into a more extensive and diverse group of qualified candidates. We knew from experience that Polish candidates have similar salary expectations to those in Czech and are generally open to relocating for interesting roles.

From the shortlist we presented, the client chose to interview three people. The two local candidates didn’t have the strongest combination of technical skills and training ability, but our Polish candidate did, and ultimately ended up accepting the role.

We then faced another issue: the client did not offer any relocation support.

However, based on hiring for our own team, we have extensive experience in relocating people to Prague and therefore were able to leverage our internal team and company accommodation to help the successful candidate move to Prague and begin his new role with this client. Though he was hired on a one-year contract, that was recently extended due to his success in the role.

This role marked the beginning of our collaboration with this client and our approach to filling this challenging role immediately elevated us to top supplier status. To date we have successfully filled 90% of the roles assigned to us.