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Salary and Recruitment Trends Study: French Life Sciences Market

11th November 2021 | Blog

salary and recruitment trends survey

We’ve conducted an in-depth survey of the French life sciences market, giving an up-to-date picture of salary and recruitment trends.

Thanks to our network in this sector, we gathered the opinions and testimonials of 72 employers and 473 employees. If you were one of them, thank you for your valuable input for this salary and recruitment trends study!

What did we find?

A lack of certain employee profiles and general hiring difficulties were some of the key issues raised by employers.

As Amélie Michelin, a manager within our French division and a headhunter in the medical devices market says: “Recruiting talent in niche industries can be particularly complex […]. You have to know how to stand out from the crowd. Adopt new recruitment strategies and be proactive in the search for good talent.”

On the other hand, a lack of career progression opportunities was a main reason employees were looking to change jobs.

As our French Director Chloe Khatcherian says: “Our results show a lack of career progression as a main factor in searching for a new role. This is a fact that every employer should be aware of. Indeed, the traditional reasons of salary and security of the job no longer correspond to the main aspirations of employees, and are currently insufficient to make them stay in a role.”

Read our report for the full findings

Discover the full range of trends emerging from our study by clicking below. The report is in French but if you are unable to read that and would like to know more, let us know here.

Are you looking for a new role in the French life sciences industry? Or maybe you’re looking to hire professionals in this industry? Either way, our team would be glad to talk you through our research and how it can help you.

See the report.

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