Influencing business policy through recruitment market insights

Our client, a leading supplier of polymers in Italy, was looking for two customer service specialists. Their HR team was tasked with the search but after a month of looking, they concluded there was a general lack of motivated candidates in their area.

The challenge

The issue was not that there was a lack of candidates, but that a lot of our client’s competitors were offering flexibility and smart working options, yet our client was considering returning to 100% office-based work.

Our process

The client had not worked with recruitment companies in quite some time so was missing the market insight regarding the general candidate desire for flexible working options. Given our team was specifically focused on similar companies and roles in Italy, they were able to present their market insights to the client’s managing director, highlighting that another company in the same field, though a less desirable company to work for, was able to hire customer service specialists due to their flexible working policies.

In addition, we were able to lean on our market research and mapping data to present a list of companies in which desirable candidates were suffering from work-life balance concerns and thus would consider moving for a more flexible role.

This was enough to convince the company to change its policy on flexible working, leading to a huge increase in its potential talent pool.

The outcome

Within a week we were able to present two candidates with the exact experience our client was looking for, both of whom were ultimately hired.