Market Mapping to Fill Difficult Role in Just Three Weeks

Our client, one of the largest providers in the French geriatric space, needed a part-time coordinating physician. The need for this role was based on a legal requirement and when we started working with this client, other agencies had been working the role for three years without success.


The challenges in filling this role were not just that the market is quite candidate short, but that the client location was in a small, rather remote, town. The nearest decently-sized town was about 40km away.

Filling the role was so challenging that the other agencies had begun to ask the client to pay just for interviewing their candidates, rather than pay only on successful hire.

Our process

As soon as we got the role from the client, we immediately began mapping the market. We extended the search radius to 80km around the client location and within two days we had a list of 32 relevant candidates.

Within a week we had spoken with these candidates, approaching the conversations in a way as to understand their individual motivations for working in the field they do so we could be sure that the ones we introduced to the client would be the best fit for the role, meaning they are most likely to commit to the role long term.

One thing we realised when talking to all these candidates was that the market rate for these positions was slightly higher than the client was offering, which was hampering them attracting people to their remote location. We presented this information to the client and they agreed to increase the salary by 10% for the right candidate.


Within two weeks we had sent three CVs to the client, and arranged interviews for all three of those candidates. One week later, the client was offering one of our candidates the role.

In all, we filled this role in three weeks despite other agencies searching for three years.

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