Opportunities in Static Employment Markets

When an employment market is static, when there doesn’t seem to be many companies hiring, it can cause concern amongst both employers and employees, but there are things both sides can do to remain competitive in such times.

In this episode of The NonStop Talent Show podcast, three of our recruiters from across Europe discussed this very situation.

According to Andrei Lucuta, companies experiencing hiring freezes could do well to place themselves as employers of choice to stand out in a crowded talent marketplace when they do start hiring again.

Developing structures, platforms, training systems, investing in R&D, and more, are just some of the ways a company can get ahead.

These strategies can also work for smaller companies trying to compete against bigger ones in the race for talent

And on the other side, what can job seekers or employees do to increase their employability during such times?

“Being a master of one trade rather than a jack of loads but master of none is way more useful because you’re going to be paid exponentially more in times of crisis,” says Sebastian Bell.

Listen to the full episode here:





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