UPDATE: 1000+ Therapists across the UK and the USA

Our client was a leading online therapy platform providing access to licensed therapists for mental health support and therapy from the comfort of patients’ own homes.

After establishing themselves as one of the most trusted platforms in the US, the client wanted to expand and to the UK. However, different professional registrations and approaches hampered their expansion due to a lack of local market knowledge. Their goal was to get as many registered therapists with at least three years of experience working with adults in the UK onboarded within a year.

Our team had been working with psychologists, counsellors and psychotherapists for a couple of years already so understood the local market. Using that knowledge, we hired and trained a team specifically for this project.

The first hurdle we faced was that this role was 100% online whereas the therapists we were talking to were used to in-person, face-to-face sessions. However, we were able to overcome this by presenting the benefits of working through the platform and many therapists realised they could help even more people this way, and choose their own hours.

The second hurdle we faced was with the compliance and onboarding process. While it seemed relatively simple on the face of it – uploading documents to a portal to be checked and approved by the client – it proved to be a little more difficult to navigate and we estimated that we were losing 30% of candidates as they were giving up.

We therefore took over the onboarding process and post-interview support as well, setting the candidates up in the client’s system ourselves to save them the hassle.

Within a year we’d hired and onboarded over 1000 registered UK therapists for this client, and based on this success, started hiring for their US team as well.


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